Life Stillife&Wildlife

A collection of paintings by
Mat Grogan


Six Pears 5x6inches 14th Jan 2009

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Welcome to Mat Grogan's online gallery.
Still life painting dominates but nude studies and earlier wildlife works are also represented.
Below is a summary of the contents of this site.

Life, Still Life and Wildlife Art, Life Gallery, The following nude
studies were all produced at life drawing sessions at the United Arts Club in Dublin. Daily Paintings, Daily Painter.

There is no charge for shipping and handling. Reclining
Nude,Portrait Tiger, Tiger painting, three nude studies. Still life Gallery 1, The influence of
Chardin and Vermeer is evident in Mat grogan's still life paintings. This is no surprise given
the a lifelong interest in the artists and their time. All the original paintings are in oil and if
not already sold are to be found at the Sandford Gallery in Dublin.Still Life painting
Wild Apples 1, Pears with Japanese Pots,Tiger, Pitcher, Still Life painting Oranges and
Tableclothes, Belleek Girl with Cherries,Tiger Sumatran, Pumkins,Still Life painting Belleek
Boy with Cherries, Apple Blossom, Still Life painting Wild Apples 2, Still Life
Gallery 2, Apricots with Rose Hip, Still Life painting Persimons with Spring Onion, Green
Pears, Still Life painting Japanese Vase with Oranges, Japonica, Mandarins, Bamboo Plate
with Plums,Tiger Portrait, Still Life painting Red Pepper, Leek and Vase, Tiger, Sumatran
Tiger, Still Life Gallery 3, Five Pears, Still Life painting Blue Vase with Oranges, Oranges
and Basket, Roses and Cherries, Plums and Angel, Still Life painting Mackerel,
Oranges, Jug and Vermeers Wall, Wildlife and Equestrian Art Gallery, A member of the
Wildlife Artists Association for many years, Mat Grogan has exhibited widely in several
countries. His work forms part of collections in USA, Australia, Hong kong, Britain and Ireland.
Albatross, Black Cockatoo, Windy, Equestrian art, Sparrows, Waterhen.